White Star (Lino Alelyunas)

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White Star (Lino Alelyunas)
White Star (Lino Alelyunas)
Lino and Jero ayuInternationally Acclaimed Psychic, Medium and Medicine Woman
In Bali: 082144546356
In America: 215-488-7694
Skype name: Lino.Alelyunas
Apr. 22-26: SHAMANIC HEALING INTENSIVE: A deep, (non-medicinal) path of exploration into Native American spirituality, ceremonies, initiations and healing techniques, including: Pipe Ceremony, Medicine Wheel, Shamanic Journeying, Working with Totem Animals, Native Prayers, chants and drumming, Soul Retrieval and an introduction to Balinese Shamanism.  $500 for 5 days, includes all materials, lunch and field trips to Balinese Shamans.   plus one fire ceremony in the evening.  Held at Bumi Ubud Resort. 
May 23 &24: INTUITVE TAROT AND DIVINATION: Learn to read the cards for yourself and/or others without relying on books.  Develop an intuitive connection to the cards, with third-eye opening excersises.  Learn history of the tarot and many types of divination spreads.  We will also work with crystal ball, pendulum, and tea leaf readings to broaden your ability to "see".  $150, 2 days includes lunch and all materials. 
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