Ketuts Place

By joining Ketut and his wife Wayan, the guest will be introduced to various distinctive Balinese dishes including ‘betutu’ smoked duck, ‘sate lilit’ minced and spiced meat wrapped around bamboo stick, which is quite different from the usual Indonesian sate.

Various vegetables including the famous ‘lawar’ jackfruit, ‘jukut ares’ the banana tree curry and ‘packu’ a form of fern and ‘ketela pohon’ tapioca.
All prepared as tasty vegetables. Drinks include Balinese rice wine and coffee served with ‘sumping’ a banana leaf wrapped around a sticky rice concoction with coconut palm sugar.

Other information:

As a part of the Balinese Dinner experience, Ketut gives an explanation of Balinese customs and beliefs, and explains the layout of the traditional family compound. Inspired by many of his guests wanting to learn more about Balinese cuisine, Ketut and his wife, Wayan are able to organize cooking classes upon request.

-Balinese buffet dinner: Rp 150.000 per person (minimum 5 person)
-Balines dinner: Rp 150.000 per person
-Balinese cooking class: Rp 100.000 per person (minimum 5 person)

Ketut’s Place has been recommended for the past years by the ‘Lonely Planet’ Guidebook.

For further information please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Contact Information:

Phone: [62] 36197 5304
Mobile: [62] 81238 00446
Fax: [62] 361 973426

Jalan Sweta #40
Ubud, Bali, Indonesia 80571

May 19, 2014


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